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DDNA offers the ultimate personnalisation by making use of a DNA driven design methods. Choose your favorite jewelry piece from one of their core collections and let your DNA guide the creation of a truly unique piece that reflects you. Tjep. was commissioned to design and develop the first series of jewelry and furniture pieces based on the customers personal DNA.

“There is no limit to the extent of personal expression that can be modeled through our own DNA – it is the unique record of who we are, but also where we came from and connects us to our past,” says Tjep. founder and lead designer Frank Tjepkema. “Your home is a personal reflection of self, now we can offer people the most intimate reflection of our innate identity to embellish and decorate this environment.”

DDNA’s accessories can be the answer to any occasion whether you want to express yourself, create a friendship or family piece, engagement ring, or a remembrance, DDNA helps to create your special piece.

DNA is the life code, representing every unique aspect of mankind and the living world. This pattern is what enables everyone to become the people they are. DDNA enables people to capture this life essence in a timeless mode.

Darwin table

DDNA offers people the opportunity to visualize this individual expression of life, this most unique of patterns, through exclusive jewelry, furniture and home accessories.

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