Beauty Store

Hema Beauty Store

“What defines modern beauty?” was the starting point of a design investigation by selected design house Tjep., resulting in a unique cosmetics retail experience delivered through an inspirational in-store environment. Reviewing the new store in Amsterdam, Vogue stated “Don’t miss it, the very stylish HEMA Beauty, an experience as found at high-end international luxury brands.” and Red wrote “It’s like being in a luxury beauty shop, but then with extremely convenient and very affordable beauty products.”

What defines modern beauty?

Color and fashion are the foundation elements that tie the whole concept together visually and then a tremendous amount of effort went into creating the most optimal product browsing, categorization and information approach in close collaboration with the HEMA retail team. For HEMA, research had identified an increasing need for high quality makeup and skincare products, but at a more accessible price and provided in an inspiring environment. Creating this Tjep. focused on a strong expression of colors. We created a chromatic display, but played with the progression of the color spectrum – creating a space where it looks harmonious but is actually quite dynamic. Color defines beauty.

Colour defines beauty.

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