Vuurs I

Studio Tjep is proud to present the first result of an ongoing collaboration with Vuurs, a Dutch start-up in the field of advanced environmentally friendly wood stoves initiated by Bram Opdam. Studio Tjep is responsible for the exterior design of theVuurs I stove. Vuurs I is available on pre-order for next winter season. The name Vuurs is derived from the Dutch word for fire: vuur.
Vuurs is developing a new generation of consumer wood stoves with emissions far below the most stringent standards. With an efficiency of over 90%, theVuurs heaters are among the cleanest and most efficient in the world.

The core of the Vuurs stove is based on Yocoon combustion technology (a rocket stove principle optimized by Maarten Kraanen). The combination of the high temperature and an extra oxygen infusion are optimally adjusted by means of a two-stage combustion. The first stage is equivalent to a traditional stove where hot air is produced at a temperature of approximatively 400 degrees. This hot air is guided towards the next chamber for secondary combustion with the extra oxygen input, here the temperature rises to no less than 1200 degrees. The result is an extremely clean combustion with minimal harmful emissions on the one hand and on the other the basis for extreme heat accumulation in the concrete composite envelope of the stove for a day-long comfortable temperature experience based on minimal combustible consumption.

Vuurs heaters are among the cleanest and most efficient in the world.

Elegance allied with technology to produce sustainable warmth at the heart of your home.

Frank Tjepkema lead designer of Studio Tjep:  “Typically these types of stoves are heavy and look bulky in an interior, elevating the stove on four legs makes the stove look light but also prevents heat from dissipating into the floor. The iconic V-Shaped window reflects the innovative V-shaped combustion chamber that facilitates easy ash collection. The result is a stove that is just as innovative on the outside as it is on the inside. We are even looking into adding an energy converter capable of charging a mobile device for future versions.”
Founder Bram Opdam about Vuurs I, “From the start the end user was the focal point of the project. Our main objective was to modernise and renew the user experience of the traditional wood stove, for example we replaced the traditional handle with a single button to open and close the stove. VUURS is also equipped with internet of things technology that collects temperature data enabling us to help users to get the maximum efficiency out of their Vuursstove. We are also working on a subscription option to provide sustainable grown wood. Studio Tjep has helped us to create an exterior design that expresses exactly what the Vuurs ambition is.”

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