Bicycloud Rokin

Bicycles elegantly parked

Design of a prominent bicycle parking area fence by Tjep. This sculptural work designed by Frank Tjepkema has been placed along two metro entrances of the Rokin in Amsterdam as part of the city refurbishment project called: Rode Loper. The Rokin Bicycle Fence which stretches over 100 meters is conceptualised as a parametric cloud of bicycle wheels and diamonds, referencing and blending two of Amsterdams well known icons. Instead of hiding the bicycle mass, the ‘fietsklont’ in Dutch, the fence attempts to blend elegantly with what is often considered as visual noise caused by to many parked bicycles, an attempt to turn this negative into a positive. ‘Interestingly enough, I discovered that bicycle wheels and diamonds are totally related graphically speaking, the design takes advantage of this in the form of a seemingly floating cloud of bicycle wheels transforming into diamonds, the whole held up by an abstract bicycle frame. The fence is a symbol celebrating bicycles and their wonderful advantages in terms of efficiency and ecology.’