Augmented Blueware

Augmented blueware for Royal Delft

Blue Delft meets angry birds


Studio Tjep was asked to design the decoration of a vase as starting point for Augmented Blueware. This resulted in a vase titled: Please let me out. An explosion of traditional Blue Delft decorative elements with as protagonist a bird trying to escape the vase.

More about Augmented Blueware:

Just imagine, an exclusive tableware collection for you with precisely the same decoration as your own unique Delft Blue vase. Royal Delft, FLEX/design, and TWNKLS|Augmented Reality can make it happen, thanks to their close collaboration and fusion of expertise with Augmented Blueware. We are proud to announce this project won a Dutch Design Award in the category Best Client. The jury report read: “A deep-rooted brand with a very rich history interacts with innovative technologies and new partners. This royal company is continuing to evolve and understands what design can do to give new impetus to their ‘business’.”

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