Chrysalide Chair

A sensual chair that depicts the transformation from a pupa to a butterfly. 

That’s the Chrysalide Chair by Studio Tjep., to be seen for the first time during Masterly The Hague. The design is part of the most expressive and personal work by designer Frank Tjepkema, who previously drew attention with the Leerdam Krystal Orange Vase and the Bronze Age Collection.

At Masterly The Hague Studio Tjep. shows a new highlight: the Chrysalide Chair. Gallery Hoogsteder & Hoogsteder is the location where the chair will be presented together with a huge portrait of Willem III. The design festival, where new designs and old masters come together, takes place from the 19th to the 22nd of September on Lange Vijverberg and Lange Voorhout.

Chrysalide is the French word that refers to the transformation process from a pupa to a butterfly. Frank Tjepkema, chief designer of Tjep.: “I tried to visualize the aesthetic of metamorphosis in an elegant contemporary furniture piece. The front is based on a classic Louis XIV chair that used to be in my parents living room. The legs and structure are made of bronze and the seating is made of Alcantara. I worked with the company responsible for seating in the Spyker cars for the upholstery in order to get perfect organic shapes and beautiful stitching. The chair comes in a limited edition of 12 pieces.”

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