Il treno fuori

Born from the widely-acclaimed Il Treno piece, launched at 2013 Milan’s Salone del Internationale, the Il Treno Fuori takes the journey to new realms.

“In Milan, we were astounded with the reception received from the Il Treno – which is an indoor piece – and many people asked how we would envision this outdoors. Taking this challenge we extended the same design inspiration: that we all experience personal journeys every time we share a meal or a great conversation. The Il Treno Fuori provides the context in which to discover new experiences, to travel to new landscapes, new destinations – all in your own garden.” Frank Tjepkema.

This new design features an anodised aluminium frame, complemented with Red Cedar wood seat struts to create a cosy cabin for two, with integrated table. Inspired by the secluded ideal of old steam-train carriages, the Il Treno Fuori is designed to enable people to take a break, log off and reignite life.

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